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closing windows by class #32770

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Hello fellas!

Trying to solve a problem with my other autoit routines. Sometimes there are error-windows appearing after running the system for about 5-6h long. It's a matter of hardware - i figured out so far.

To solve the problem I want to use a little extra routine by checking for the appearance of the error-window (its class is always #32770 - no title).


What i got so far is:

While 1
    If WinExists("[CLASS:#32770]") Then

Any advice if it is correct or not done proper?

One problem still is: it even closes task-manager...


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WinExists has a second parameter for you to include text from the window you're looking for, as an additional way to differentiate. Have you experimented with adding some text from the pop up window?

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In Windows class #32770 is the standard for a dialog.  Just about any dialog can have that class.  So you need to find additional id info from the window, be it text or whatnot.


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