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IENavigate pops IE every time

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So every time I go through a _IENavigate, the IE browser pops into my face.

Is there a way to keep the window on the background navigating while I do other stuff?

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New security in Windows Vista causes a new browser window to be created when a browser is instructed to navigate to a URL in a different security zone.
This occurs as well with the initial creation and navigation initiated with _IECreate(). The new window is a new browser instance and the previous browser object variable no longer points to it.
There are several workarounds:
    1) add #RequireAdmin to your code (this is required even if the account is part of the Administrator's Group and will prompt for credentials if necessary),
    2) use _IEAttach() to connect to the new browser window
    3) add the target website to the Trusted Sites security zone in IE,
    4) turn off "Protected Mode" in IE,
    or 5) disable UAC. Care must be taken to understand the implications of disabling IE security features when accessing untrusted sites.


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