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Imgur UDF - Upload images using Imgur API

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Can you make that by WinHTTP ?

The source code is very clean. So, if you want, you can convert to WinHttp by yourself, it is open sourceCurrently, it has simple as possible.

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Thanks J2TeaM, your library is very useful.

I'm having a small problem is how can we get API KEY?

I've just created a couple of Imgur apps but they always return a Client Secret, i can not find the $IMGUR_API_KEY any where.

Thanks for your help!

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    • By JoeBar
      Hi, i'm trying to implement Imgur API functions in an AutoIt program.
      I successfully coded the oAuth2 Authentication and i'm testing some Imgur functions.
      Example : https://api.imgur.com/3/account/me/images
      The string received is like :
      {"data":[{"id":"fd6f54s","title":null,"description":null,"datetime":1574502473,"type":"image\/png","animated":false,"width":1147,"height":715,"size":53516,"views":18,"bandwidth":963288,"vote":null,"favorite":false,"nsfw":null,"section":null,"account_url":"ACCOUNT","account_id":ACCOUNTID,"is_ad":false,"in_most_viral":false,"has_sound":false,"tags":[],"ad_type":0,"ad_url":"","edited":"0","in_gallery":false,"deletehash":"d6f5sd4fsf","name":"image","link":"https:\/\/i.imgur.com\/fd6f54s.png"} I'm using JSON.au3 UDF and i don't manage to make it working :
      Local $Obj = Json_Decode($hRequestSSL) Local $Links = Json_Get($Obj, '["data"]["link"]') The Json_Decode sends in console :
      "E:\Portable\Dev\AutoIt3\IncludeP\JSON.au3" (374) : ==> Variable must be of type "Object".: Return $Object.Keys() Return $Object^ ERROR It says it's not an object or i have seen in some UDF that Json_Decode takes a string as parameter.
      I don't know what's wrong.
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