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Hey, I'm not that great with String Replace or String Strip where the exact string is not known.


I need to be able to strip the following:


Where 2015 may not be known. I need to basically strip the side "*>  where * behaves like a wild card and leaves only the right side 2015.

Length will not be known. It will not always be numerical.

It may be " * > or < * > but I can set these for each column according to which way it is set up. 

Please help. Just need a basic understanding of how to identify and replace the pattern with ""


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Can you provide some other examples of possible strings ?

If I understand, you want to keep only the last digits, am I right ?

$string = '"2015">2015'
$newstring = StringRegExpReplace($string, ".+?(\d+)$", "$1")


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Thanks for your reply. Here are a few examples.

                                <span title="111">111

                                <span title="3.5L 6 cyl Fuel Injection">3.5L 6 cyl Fuel Injection

                                <span title="Ultra White">Ultra White

                                <span title="Black/garnet">Black/garnet

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