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Need help for a simple script

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HotKeySet("{F7}", "Boucle")

Opt("SendKeyDownDelay", 25)
Opt("SendKeyDelay", 200)

While 1

Func Boucle()


Hello, I'm trying to write a script to automatize a boring task in a RPG game.

The problem I have is the game look like he capture only 1/3 key presseds, I'm trying to play with the options "SendKeyDownDelay" and "SendKeyDelay" but I still don't have the expected result.

Does the "SendKeyDelay" work differently if you do




Or should I have the same result ?

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You have obviously missed the forum rules on your way in, specifically the part where game automation is forbidden. Please read through them now, and you'll see why you will receive no help with this topic.

See you soon with a legitimate question, hopefully.

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