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Problems with _AD_UnjoinDomain

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Hi - and many thanks in advance for those who may have the answer (or can point me in the right direction)!

I'm working on a script to Unjoin a Windows 7 x64 PC from its domain (using version - there are two possible domains here, and I'd like the script to work for both, for ease of use.

The _AD_Open command works beautifully, but I always get the same return code from _AD_UnjoinDomain: "Return code '0' from Active Directory"  This makes things kinda hard to track down.

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here - I've tried changing the workgroup name, omitting the workgroup, etc.  I've hardcoded the user/password into the script for both domains, as they have rights to add / remove machines.  I've also tried the username in both [DOMAIN][USER] and [USER] formats.

#Include <AD.au3>


;==============[ SET VARIABLES ]==============

; [Removed for Reasons.

;============[ END SET VARIABLES ]============

; Get current domain
$ComputerDomain = StringUpper(_DomainComputerBelongs())

; Name temporary workgroup
$strWorkgroup = "DOM_TRANSFER"

; Open connection to the domain

; Leave the domain

;==============[ Open Active Directory Connection ]==============
Func _Open_Domain()

    ; Open Connection to Active Directory
    If $ComputerDomain = "[DOMAIN1].COM" Then
        $iValue = _AD_Open($strProdUser, $strProdPassword, $prodDNSDomainParam, $ComputerDomain, $prodConfigParam)
    ElseIf $ComputerDomain = "[DOMAIN2].COM" Then
        $iValue = _AD_Open($strSandUser, $strSandPassword, $sandDNSDomainParam, $ComputerDomain, $sandConfigParam)


    If @error Then Exit MsgBox(16, "Leave Domain", "Function _AD_Open encountered a problem. @error = " & @error & ", @extended = " & @extended)

    Global $iReply = MsgBox(308, "Leave Domain", "Are you sure you want to leave the " & $ComputerDomain & " domain?")
    If $iReply <> 6 Then Exit


;==============[ Leave Current Domain ]==============
Func _Leave_Domain()

    If $ComputerDomain = "[DOMAIN1].COM" Then

        ; Leave [DOMAIN1].COM
        Global $iValue = _AD_UnJoinDomain(@ComputerName, $strWorkgroup, $strProdUser ,$strProdPassword)

    ElseIf $ComputerDomain = "[DOMAIN2].COM" Then

        ; Leave [DOMAIN2].COM
        Global $iValue = _AD_UnJoinDomain(@ComputerName, $strWorkgroup, $strSandUser ,$strSandPassword)


        MsgBox(0,"Information","No domain to unjoin.")


    ; Close Connection to Active Directory

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Runaway bracket removed. :)

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