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Rename rar volumes

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I use the next code to rename rar volumes named like this:XvQG7zdAUbWju9NL6BDY.part01.rar,XvQG7zdAUbWju9NL6BDY.part02.rar...

to something like this:

DWhMwdmEk5Csk6ob5IUR.part01.rar, DWhMwdmEk5Csk6ob5IUR.part02.rar...

Also, a md5 file present in the source folder will be renamed and I will attach another script to this one, to change filenames inside it.

#Include <File.au3>
#Include <Array.au3>
$Source_Path = "D:\1"
$Destination_Path = "D:\1\_Renamed"
$Characters_To_Delete = "XvQG7zdAUbWju9NL6BDY"
$Characters_To_Write = "DWhMwdmEk5Csk6ob5IUR"
$FileList = _FileListToArray($Source_Path, $Characters_To_Delete & "*.*", 1)
For $i = 1 To $FileList[0]
    $Name = StringTrimLeft($FileList[$i],20) ; trim the first 20 characters from the left side of the file name
    FileMove($Source_Path & "\" & $FileList[$i], $Destination_Path & "\" & $Characters_To_Write & $Name, 1)

It's possible to rename those files without use of StringTrimLeft command and how to?


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Take a look _PathSplit() from the File.au3 UDF.

Edit: You'll have to use two iterations to first grab the RAR and then grab the PARTxx afterwards.

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You could use a regex to remove all non-dot characters up to the first dot

$rar = "XvQG7zdAUbWju9NL6BDY.part01.rar"
Msgbox(0,"1", StringRegExpReplace($rar, '^[^.]+', ""))

But there are other String* solutions

$rar = "XvQG7zdAUbWju9NL6BDY.part01.rar"
$Characters_To_Delete = "XvQG7zdAUbWju9NL6BDY"
Msgbox(0,"2", StringTrimLeft($rar, StringLen($Characters_To_Delete)) )
Msgbox(0,"3", StringReplace($rar, $Characters_To_Delete, "") )


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