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First of all.. my english is not good. sorry for that

I want to observe my website. 

I used _IECreate,_IEGetObjByName etc..for watching script

But here is problem.

$oIE = _IECreate("http://somesite.com",1)
$oInputs = _IETagNameGetCollection($oIE, "a")
For $oInput In $oInputs
   If $oInput.id = "PC" Then
      $oClick = $oInput
For $sInput In $oInputs
   If $sInput.innertext = "08-19" Then
      $sClick = $sInput
_IEAction($sClick,"click");If I Click "08-19" then webpacket is gone. This is diffrent from upside's "PC" Click

If I do _IEAction($sClick,"click") (This Object is javascript ->a href= javascript:setReserveTime('20150819');) then

web source is diffrent from upside.

I want to handle web response after click "08-19"

But Upside's $oIE object is not changed. After clcick "08-19" then, $oIE Object is still not clicked state.

How can I solve this problem..?

Thanks for reading


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