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Ok, this is basically something I dreamed up with to help me stay online in Second Life without having to put a lugnut on the spacebar. I distribute this code inside of the game to people so that's why there's descriptions on how to download AI-3 and SciTE.

If you haven't tried it, I recommend it. It's free! http://www.secondlife.com

Bah...code's too long to post...


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Bugs Not Listed in the main code: For some reason it won't spit out text. :/ But everything else works fine. I'm probably reading either the wrong variable or the wrong state of the flag...


#region Directions:
;<--           Adjust size to minimum distance to read instructions        --->;
;;;;  Please, if you find this script useful, I accept L$ donations of any
;;;;    ammount.
;;;;     WARNING:  If you received this script from anyone other than
;;;;      me (Heuvadoches Naumova) or my vendors, then it's possible
;;;;      it was tampered without my knowledge or consent.  I am not responsible
;;;;      for any damage to your system, account, or anything else.
;;;;      WINDOWS ONLY!
;;;;  1.  Key loggers are not generally released as source code.
;;;;  2.  An efficient keylogger in AuotIt is best accomplished by using an
;;;;      explicit DLLCall() function to the Windows Kernel.
;;;;      This code does not have any explicit DLL calls!
;;;;  I RELEASE CODE THAT WORKS ON MY SYSTEM.  If you follow the directions,
;;;;  it should also work correctly on yours.  I test this extensively
;;;;  before releasing it.
;;;;  Heuvadoches Naumova
;;;;  NOTES:
;;;;  At this time: Second Life WINDOW MUST BE OPEN FIRST!!!!!
;;;;  Running in a window isn't required, but it helps.
;;;;  You must also log completely into second life before running
;;;;  this.  Not only does this help prevent a keylogger from getting your
;;;;  information, it makes it a hell of a lot easier on me to code.
;;;; INSTRUCTIONS:   (Leik, OMFG...RTFM!!1!!1)
;;;; First, download and install AutoIt v3 from
;;;;       http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/downloads.php
;;;; Second, download SciTE for AutoIt.  Install it as well.
;;;;       http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/scite/downloads.php
;;;;(install notes:  Edit script should be selected for default)
;;;; Next, Copy and paste this ENTIRE script into Scite.
;;;;;  Ctrl-A (select all) Ctrl-C (copy) Ctrl-V (paste)
;;;; Then, SAVE THE FILE as <somename>.au3 (the name isn't important
;;;;             but the extention .AU3 is.)
;;;; Finally, Hit F5 while in SciTE
;;;;  Happy AFK camping!
 #region TO DO, Version History, Bug list
;;;; TO DO LIST:
;;;; 1.  Activate button to fire up notepad to edit current witty text file.
;;;; 2.  Add a button to add current custom text line to current witty text file.
;;;; 3.  Add Options GUI
;;;; 3a. Add a text entry box for time adjustments on the min/max on Options GUI
;;;; 4.  Create an installation program.
;;;; 5.  Add TCP/IP updating possiblities through my home webserver.
;;;; ************************************************************
;;;; ************************************************************
;;;; -  Shut off some of the /1 /0 prompts.  Changed the quit key to the
;;;;                    close bracket.  It is modifiable for those who like escape. - Released
;;;; ************************************************************
;;;; ************************************************************
;;;; 0.1.4  - Worked out the bug in the Options GUI where the min/max would
;;;;            not calculate properly.7
;;;; 0.1.3  - Fixed another sleeper error.  The file handler for the witty text
;;;;              would fail if a non-existant path/file was manually inserted.
;;;;              Now reverts to the default if the user's file is not found.
;;;;            + Added comment ability to the Witty Text files.
;;;;            + Minor cosmetic change on frmEditText.
;;;; 0.1.2   - "Sleeper" error in text parsing fixed.  No longer sends control, alt,
;;;;                shift or windows keystrokes in front of random (or any other) text.
;;;;            + Remembers last position closed at and will attempt to open there.
;;;;            + Work continues on the edit text GUI.  Button placed for a future Options GUI
;;;;            + Not released.  Planning on releasing a beta of this 11/06
;;;; 0.1.1   + Minor tweaking, some comsmetic changes, small idiotic bug fixed.
;;;;           + Added an escapable sleep timer. - Released to AutoIt forums.
;;;; 0.1.0   + began building the GUI interface, converted main program to a function. - NOT RELEASED
;;;; 0.0.3   + added text to random channels - Released
;;;; 0.0.2   + added random movements and start/stop notifications - Released
;;;; 0.0.1   + initial development, not much more than a mouse mover/clicker - Released
;;;;     + all (GUI ONLY) versions prior to 0.1.3 will contain a file handling error where it is
;;;;        possible to manually input a non-existant folder/file.  Added code to force
;;;;        the file handler to fall back to the default.txt in this situation only.
;;;;     + all (GUI & NON-GUI) versions prior to 0.1.2 will contain a text parsing error where it's possible
;;;;         for the script to randomly (probably 1 : 1,000,000,000 odds) quit the user from
;;;;         the viewer due to the way AutoIt handles the sending of text strings.  Special
;;;;         characters simulate the use of the "CTRL", "ALT", "SHIFT", or "WINDOWS" keys.
;;;;         (the carat (^), exclaimation point (!), plus (+), and hash (#) respectively).
;;;;         If the ^ and the Q or q is sent then the viewer will quit back to the desktop.
;;;;         Random, but extremely rare.  More common was the appearance of the chat window, the build menu,
;;;;         and other menus within the Second Life viewer.  The workarounds are: Disable the
;;;;         sending of text by commenting out the appropriate lines, restrict the random
;;;;         number generation from CHR(65) to CHR(90), or modify the statement to send only the
;;;;         text string as raw characters (implemented as of 0.1.2).
Edited by Blue_Drache

Lofting the cyberwinds on teknoleather wings, I am...The Blue Drache

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