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InetGet SSL failure, INGNORESSL not working ...

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I am using the latest version of AutoIt and have written a script which downloads multiple files from a webserver with InetGet. The Webserver is using SSL certificates from a private CA (there is no way to change that), so I am using the IGNORESSL option of Inetget because I cannot pre-deploy the private CA certificates to all clients in this case.

This works only half way, the script ignores that the certificate itself is not valid, but it still does CRL checking which may fail (if accessed from some networks etc.). If I clear the option "Check for server certificate revocation" in IE advanced config it works just fine, but disabling this option on all our clients is ... well not an option.

I use this command to initiate the download (IGNORESSL and FORCERELOAD, background download):

$activeDownload = InetGet($source, @TempDir & "\" & $filename, 3, 1)

This does not download anything at all. Then I check with 

If (InetGetInfo($activeDownload, 4) <> 0) Then
    logit("DEBUG: " & InetGetInfo($activeDownload, 3))
    logit("DEBUG: " & InetGetInfo($activeDownload, 4))
    logit("DEBUG: " & InetGetInfo($activeDownload, 5))
    logit("DEBUG: " & _InetGetErrorText(InetGetInfo($activeDownload, 5)))

Which results in this output:

DEBUG: False
DEBUG: 12057
DEBUG: ERROR_INTERNET_SEC_CERT_REV_FAILED: Revocation of the SSL certificate failed.


I used the function from this topic to get the error mesage:

Am I doing something wrong, is this expected behaviour, or is there a bug with InetGet and IGNORESSL?


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