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i want to check if mpc windows is running file 1.mp3 or not


the following code will check if any window named 1.mp3


if WinExists("1.mp3","")

how can i make it check for 1.mp3 and for class "MediaPlayerClassicW"

so it must be mpc playing 1.mp3 not any windows named 1.mp3


any ideas ?

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WinExists("[TITLE:1.mp3; CLASS:MediaPlayerClassicW;]")


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The WinExists in this example ends up the same WinExists as Andreik's example of post #2.

Local $sMp3File = "C:\Full Path\and\File Name.mp3" ; <--- Put MP3 file here

If FileExists($sMp3File) Then
    $sExec = RegRead("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MPC-HC\MPC-HC", "ExePath") ; Get full path and file name of the executable, "mpc-hc[64].exe".
    ShellExecute($sExec, '"' & $sMp3File & '" /play', '"' & StringRegExpReplace($sExec, "\\[^\\]*$", "") & '"') ; 3rd parameter - RE returns working directory path only.
    If WinExists("[TITLE:" & StringRegExpReplace($sMp3File, "^.*\\", "") & "; CLASS:MediaPlayerClassicW;]") Then ; RE returns FileName.mp3 only (no path)
        MsgBox(0, "", '"' & $sMp3File & '" is being played by MediaPlayerClassic.')


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