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Pixel search macro

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Hello guys 

I am newbie at autoit

I trying to make macros which will press some buttons with condition

I have 2 colors (0x33FF33 , 0xFF6666) at same coordinates

if color is 0x33FF33

must be pressed "a" and then "h"

if color is 0xFF6666

must be pressed "s" and then "h"

and loop this

help me please to do this

sorry for my bad eng :)

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While 1
    If PixelGetColor() = Whatever Then SendKeys("sh")
    If PixelGetColor() = Whatever Then SendKeys("ah")

Go from there.

2 Problems with this script:

1. Sendkeys should be Send.

2. This example will repeatedly check those pixels. The script will spam whatever keys you have set until they do change colors so the statement becomes false.


Try my example. It uses a hotkey to check.

;Set to 2 if you are using Window Handles ($window# and $Handle#), Otherwise, set to 0.
Opt("PixelCoordMode", 2)
Opt("MouseCoordMode", 2);if using mouse.

;Refer to https://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/docs/intro/windowsadvanced.htm
Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", -2)

;Some software requires a delay between keystrokes

;Defines the hotkey to use. Refer to Send() in the Help File.
$Hotkey = "{f7}"
HotKeySet($Hotkey, "_CheckPixels")

;Idle here until the hotkey is pressed.
While 1
    Sleep(1 * 1000);Sleep for a sec, or 1000 milliseconds.

Func _CheckPixels()
    $window1 = "Notepad"
    $KeysToSend1 = "Hello World{!}";! is not sent raw, so must be Enclosed with {}. Refer to Send()
    $x1 = "734"
    $y1 = "643"
    $color1 = "0xF0F4F9"
    $handle1 = WinGetHandle($window1)
    If PixelGetColor($x1, $y1, $handle1) = $color1 Then Send($KeysToSend1)
    $window2 = ""
    $KeysToSend2 = ""
    $x2 = ""
    $y2 = ""
    $color2 = ""
    $handle2 = WinGetHandle($window2)
    If PixelGetColor($x2, $y2, $handle2) = $color2 Then Send($KeysToSend2)
EndFunc   ;==>_CheckPixels


Edited by BetaLeaf

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