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RunAs and WinExists, no detection of active window

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I have a little script which I want to run as a non-admin user. When the exe starts I want to wait for the window to open and make a change of a combobox and a click.
I run the Program.exe inside the script as domain-admin.
The problem is that the script only run when I execute the complete script as domain-admin, when I start it as a non-admin-user it opens the Program.exe and stop.
What can be the problem that the WinExists-command is not working? Do I need any parameters when I use RunAs?

Here's the script:

While 1
    If WinExists("program_name","Language") Then
        ControlClick("program_name", "Continue","Button14")


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I think you should add 


because in runas usually runs the program hidden you should specify that you have to show the window then i think that winexist will work check the help of winexists in help of autoit you will see that winexists wont show true on hidden windows and check runas help file then you would see that runas 7th parameter is defaultly @SW_HIDE so you have to set it to @SW_SHOW

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