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Update some column in ListView to empty string

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I have ListView where I modify data through detail window.

When in detail is clicked OK I do something like this:

$item = GUICtrlRead($listview); selected
    $line = _
        GuiCtrlRead($col1) & '|' & _
        GuiCtrlRead($col2) & '|' & _
    GuiCtrlSetData($item, $line)

But when I have col2 with some value

and need to clear it, it's not working,

because of this (From HelpFile):

For ListViewItem control :

To update a specific column just forget about the others ie "||update" to update 3rd column.

AutoIt ignores columns without values instead of clearing them to empty string.

I tried workaround:

GuiCtrlSetData($item, ' | | | | | ')
    GuiCtrlSetData($item, $line)

Set one space to each column before update column values.

It works fine, but I don't want to have one space value in columns.

So please help me, how to do that.


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