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Hi all,

I have written a script using Notepad. Do I have to convert this script into an EXE to run it, and how is this done if I do?

A script does not need to be 'compiled' in order to run. All you need is a copy of AutoIt.exe and you can drag the script onto that EXE in Windows Explorer to run it.

If you choose to install AutoIt using the installer found here, AutoIt scripts will have a distinct icon and you will be able to simply double-click the scripts to run them.

If you wish to run a script on someone else's computer, you can either provide the AutoIt executable with the script or you can compile the script, which will create an executable that you can then share by itself. This is done by running the Aut2EXE utility, which is included in both the installer and the ZIP file downloads.

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vor AutoIt is very usefull and powerfull development suit available! See http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/scite/ for more details. After you have installed this you could simply edit the source of your script with an double click and run it or compile it with an right click on your script... Simply wonderful, usefull and powerfull! ;-)

Best regards


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