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Automating installation Total Commander

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Hi there,

I was planning on writing an automating script for a blank Windows 10. All my tools, all my configs, done right out of AutoIT. But the first hurdle was the first tool I always install : Total Commander.

Have a look at the code below :

 1. for some reason, using Run($Location_Base & $Location_TC) didn't work - had to use cmd /c... Same problem if I use : Run("c:\temp\tools\01-TC64\tcmd852x64.exe") . The setup of TC doesn't start. 
 The setup of my NVIDIA ( Run("c:\temp\tools\02-NVIDIA\setup.exe") ) runs though.
Both are .exe's so I don't see where the problem is?

 2. as I want to automate the installation process, I've tried looking for the TITLE and ending up testing with the CLASS... The Send keys are not being sent through... Tried WinWaitActive / WinActivate / and so on... If I use a WinExists("[CLASS:#32770]") though, that works out ok and the window is detected.





$Location_Base = "C:\temp\tools\01-TC64\"
$Location_TC = "tcmd852x64.exe" ; Change this one


Func Install_TC ()
    Run("cmd /c " & $Location_Base & $Location_TC)



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For total commander you can automate by changing the install.inf and set the things you want it to do 

silent install / language etc


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