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Like this, maybe?

#include <Constants.au3>

$net = Run(@ComSpec & " /c wmic bios get serialnumber", "", @SW_HIDE, $STDERR_CHILD + $STDOUT_CHILD)
$final = ""

While 1
    $line = StdoutRead($net)
    If @error Then ExitLoop
    If $line <> "" Then $final &= $line

    MsgBox(0, "STDOUT read:", $final)


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just for fun, here is also a shrinked version

#include <Constants.au3>

Local $net = Run("wmic bios get serialnumber", "", "", $STDERR_MERGED), $final = ""

    $final &= StdoutRead($net) ; stores the output of the wmic command while is generated
Until @error ; when wmic finish, it closes itself, so StdoutRead arises an @error

MsgBox(0, "STDOUT read:", $final)


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