Autocomplete is operating in comment blocks.

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As I'm typing in comment blocks #cs #ce then autocomplete is operating.  Same on line comments.  think it didn't used to do this, i.e. only autocomplete in code, and that would be much better for me.  I've just updated to SciTE 3.6.0.

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Are you sure you are running with the Full SciTE4AutoIt3 version? 
Check the Help/About SciTE details.


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I have "SciTE Version 3.6.0 Aug  4 2015 17:34:27" and it's the full version with the long tools menu.  Now that I've looked at it again, the autocomplete is only partly functioning in comment blocks.  If I type normally, the outline of the autocomplete window flashes briefly for the first few chars of each word (until the word cannot be one of its set of words).  It only functions fully if I type the first two chars of a word in very close succession.  This is tolerable, where in the previous version it was autocompleting all the time making it impossible to type long comments.  (Autocomplete is working normally and perfectly in code sections.)

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    • Altor
      By Altor
      Hi all:
      In Scite it is possible to expand and collapse  all  the #Region at time  with a shortcut ..?
      Now I use the + key to expand and collapse but I can only use this suggestion for a one # Region
      If I collapse all the regions one by one  in order to have the code more understandable when I re-open the script all the regions are expanded and I need to collapse all again one by one.
      Thank.s to all
    • corgano
      By corgano
      Edit: A solution was found! Thanks Jos and others who helped me find this:
      You can have AutoIt run a different "Main" autoit script when you hit F5 instead of the current one, per folder, by doing the following:
      Run SciTE (might need administrator, depending on how autoit was installed) Options -> global properties (alt o g) Uncomment (line 270 in my case) create a file in the project's main folder Alternatively, if you don't have admin or don't want to edit the for whatever reason, you can just skip step 1,2,3 and name it Put in the file you created command.go.$(au3)="$(SciteDefaultHome)\..\AutoIt3.exe" "$(SciteDefaultHome)\AutoIt3Wrapper\AutoIt3Wrapper.au3" /run /prod /ErrorStdOut /in "NAME OF SCRIPT HERE.au3" /UserParams $(1) $(2) $(3) $(4) Save the file. Now anything you run in that folder or subfolder will run the main script when you hit F5 Using effects that folder and subfolders, where as only effects that folder. Apart from that they work the same

      Original question:
      I have a main script, and a bunch of includes / udf's. Almost every single time I edit my includes I hit F5 to run the script, but it runs the include instead. I'm tired of switching back to the main script's tab in SciTE to run it, just to switch back to the include. Is there some kind of #flag or option to set a "main au3 file" so when I hit F5, it will see that and run the main file instead?
    • AndyS19
      By AndyS19
      I have a file that adds a search command to the right click context menu.  This command does a FINDSTR on all .au3 files in the "Program Files" directory.  However, on 32 bit Windows 7 and 8.1 OS's, 32 bit executables are now run from a "Program Files (x86)" directory.
      I have a construct that builds a path variable that holds the locations to search.  In this variable, I have both "Program Files" and "Program Files (x86)", as well as a directory that holds my library file.
      The constructor looks like this:
      findcmd="C:\Windows\System32\Findstr.exe" myLib="C:\Andy\AutoIT-src\myLib" where1="C:\Program Files\autoit3\include\*.au3" "C:\Program Files (x86)\autoit3\include\*.au3" $(myLib)\*.au3 Then in the command definition, I use it like this:
      # "Find Definitions" # Look in the C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\Include directory for any .au3 file # that has a definition for the currently selected word (or the word the # cursor is on) #$(au3)= command.42.$(au3)=$(findcmd) /N /R /I /C:"^global [0-9a-f].* $(CurrentWord) =" $(where1) command.subsystem.42.$(au3)=0$(au3)=2 The problem is that on 32 bit systems without the "Program Files (x86)" directory, I get this error:
          FINDSTR: Cannot open C:\Program Files (x86)\autoit3\include\*.au3
      I think that what I need is an 'if then else' something like this:
      if exists "C:\Program Files (x86)" then where1=""C:\Program Files (x86)" $(myLib)\*.au3 else where1=""C:\Program Files" $(myLib)\*.au3 endif How can I conditionally define the search path?
    • Skysnake
      By Skysnake
      Scite comes op occasional, almost incidentally, in some support topics.  I have not found a "Scite" topic in the forums, so this is where I will start.  I have recently been using Scite intensively, specifically with a large project and I have certain issues.  I know that Scite is not an AutoIt product, but it is so closely integrated to the core release that it makes sense to raise issues and request support here.  If this is not the right please refer me to the right forum.
    • SorryButImaNewbie
      By SorryButImaNewbie
      I try to add a new UDF to my AutoIT library, and it seems I fail. I started to work following the insturctions found on the wiki . 
      I made an extra folder just next to my AutoIT folder, called ExtraUDF, and copied the file CUIAutomation2.au3 in it (I try to use this UDF for automating a program) then I run sciteconfig, set this folder up as User Include Folder, applied the changes, then run the calltip manager and got a msg when I tried to parse it. I attach a few pictures for better present the problem.
      I think I miss something here, should i put anything else on the ExtraUDF folder? I dont think that the CallTip manager added the udf to scite, If I try to run it i get a msg saying that I Scite cant open the include file and naturally after that, It can't use the functions called from it.
      Thank you for your help and insight as always! Please ask, if anything is fuzzy about the problem