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FileCopy will not copy a file when using variables...

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Hello Experts,

I am trying to create a script that will go onto my network and copy a word document to a local folder then open it. When I hard code the FileCopy, it works perfectly, but when I use variables for file path and file name, only the local folder I need gets created. I cannot seem to get the file to open even when using the hard coded path in function FileOpen code. Here is my code with comments on what is happening.

#include <FileConstants.au3>
#include <MsgBoxConstants.au3>
#include <WinAPIFiles.au3>

$ProductName = "Microsoft Word 2013"
$AbvLanguage = "ENG"

$Network = "mynetwork"
$Folder = "shared"
$SampleDocs = "Sample Documents"

$DocumentName = "Holiday Schedule.docx"

$FileLocation = "mynetwork\shared\Sample Documents"


SampleDocument ()
Func SampleDocument()

;This commented out hard coded line of code below works and does the copy, create local folder, and paste
;FileCopy ("\\mynetwork\shared\Sample Documents\Microsoft Word 2013\ENG\Holiday Schedule.docx","c:\Sample Documents\",8)

;The opening of FileOpen line of code below has not worked yet, even when the file copy works
FileOpen ("C:\Sample Documents\Holiday Schedule.docx")


;Here are the 2 versions of FileCopy code(I only need one, one that works) and 1 version of FileOpen code I want to use with variables that has not work, ever

;FileCopy ("\\$Network\$Folder\$SampleDocs\$ProductName\$AbvLanguage\$DocumentName","c:\Sample Documents\",8)
;FileCopy ("\\$FileLocation\$ProductName\$AbvLanguage\$DocumentName","c:\Sample Documents\",8)
;FileOpen ("c:\$SampleDocs\$DocumentName")


What am I missing here? Is this as simple as you cannot use variables to create file paths in the FileCopy function?

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You must concatenate strings and variables, like this :

FileCopy ("\\" & $Network & "\" & $Folder & "\" & $SampleDocs & "\" & $ProductName & "\" & $AbvLanguage & "\" & $DocumentName,"c:\Sample Documents\",8)


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#3 ·  Posted (edited)

I followed your suggestion but it is telling me its an Unterminated String. I feel like there should be a quote mark after DocumentName but that doesnt fix it either. 

When I run the following;

FileCopy ("\\" & $Network & "\" & $Folder & "\" & $SampleDocs & "\" & $ProductName & "\" & $AbvLanguage & "\" $DocumentName,"c:\Sample Documents",8)

I get the Error: Badly Formated Variable Or Macro

I did use the code where network path was a variable and that worked. Dont know what the difference was but it worked.

FileCopy ("\\" & $FileLocation & "\" & $ProductName & "\" & $AbvLanguage & "\" & $DocumentName,"c:\Sample Documents\",8)


Maybe there is a limit to the amount of variables allowed in a string, though I doubt that.

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#5 ·  Posted (edited)

I was able to get both of them to work actually. I just retyped the code. Must be a space or something I cant see in there.


Thank you!


Now how do I get this file to open in its associated program like a double click...

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