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How to refresh Windows Explorer Shell ?

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I've written a program and some edit registry keys , I don't know which method or fuction to refresh windows explorer (do not refresh desktop). example change font size or desktop wallpaper v.v...

Thank you for reading and reply !

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This can help :

when you want change Wallpaper Desktop you need refresh :


Func _ChangeWallpaper($sFile,$iType)

  If Not FileExists($sFile) Then
     Return -1
  If StringTrimLeft($sFile,StringInStr($sFile,'.',0,-1)) <> 'jpg' Then
     Return -2

  Case $iType = 1
     RegWrite('HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop','TileWallpaper','reg_sz','0')

  Case Else


  RegWrite('HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop','Wallpaper','reg_sz',$sFile)
  Return 0

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