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Could somebody point me in the right direction here (GUI involving picture/image controls)

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Okay so I've produced a model of my application in photoshop because I think it best clearly defines what I am trying to do and the questions I am asking.

Shown in the picture is a GUI running on my desktop. I wished to create a window with a thin black border, and allow the background colour to be defined by the user as well as the transparency. I've used The POPUP windowstyle to accomplish this, and simply use GUISetBkColor and WinSetTrans for the latter (respectively)

Now I have encountered an issue  because I did not realize AutoIt's implementation of this functionality is more sophisticated than I had presumed.

In the picture above I illustrate a Control I wish to create on the GUI. The control can be clicked by the user as if it were a button.

Initially I simply planned to use GUICtrlCreatePic to point to a graphic I created for the control.

The problem is, when the window is created it is set to an immediate default transparency and colour.

Then the Pic control is created. This, in effect, causes the window to lose it's transparency and become solid. The picture control, then has its background set as transparent (which I believe it is defined by the top left pixel). So I result in a solid colour filled window, with a transparent square around my "Let's play" button graphic (ie, showing the desktop behind it in complete transparency).

Now, if in the script I define the control first and then set transparency and color after (the exact same effect occurs if the control is defined after and the user then changes the transparency within the running application...) it results in the ENTIRE GUI including my picture control to become transparent. I know this is not a bug but simply the result of using WinSetTrans.

I wish to have, as illustrated in the model picture here, the control to be transparent relative to the GUI, not the desktop.


I do not wish to create a Button control and then define it's style to display a bitmap. I don't think that will allow me to program in the various visual effects that I later wish to add.

I am looking at a control I was unaware of before, GUICtrlCreateGraphic (and ...SetGraphic).

My ultimate question is where will I find the functionality I am seeking, is it in the ...CreateGraphic functions or CreatePic, or am I going to have to handle window transparency in my own way (without using WinSetTrans and or GUISetBkColor). Or are there other functions that I am unaware of that I should be looking into.


I apologize for the lengthy and wordy post on what I feel the image can more or less simply describe what I am trying to do. But I find that achieving by desired outcome is not as obvious and I thought and simply referring to the documentation is not providing me an obvious solution for my task....

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removed some irrelevant information for clarity

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In https://autoit.de/index.php/Thread/24514-UDF-GUICtrlPic-Update-am-27-12-2010/ you can find GuiCtrlPic.au3. i use this UDF for creating pictures on GUI. For Hover- and Click-Animation i extended it with:

; Function Name:    _GuiCtrlPic_CheckHoverDisabled($hGui, ByRef $aHoverBtn)
; Description:      prüft den Status ein PicControls Enabled/Disabled Hovered/Normal
;                   und setzt bei Statusänderung das dazugehörige Pic
; Parameter(s):     $hGui       Handle der GUI
;                   $aHoverBtn  2D-Array der HoverButtons ua mit Pfaden zu den Pics
; Author:           autoBert
;                   getestet mit
Func _GuiCtrlPic_CheckHoverDisabled($hGui, ByRef $aHoverBtn)
    Local $aInfo = GUIGetCursorInfo($hGui), $iNewState
    For $i = 0 To UBound($aHoverBtn) - 1
        $iNewState = $aHoverBtn[$i][5]
        If BitAND(GUICtrlGetState($aHoverBtn[$i][0]), $Gui_DISABLE) = $Gui_DISABLE Then
            If $aHoverBtn[$i][5] <> 4 Then $iNewState = 4 ;disabled
            If $aInfo[4] = $aHoverBtn[$i][0] Then
                If $aHoverBtn[$i][5] <> 2 Then $iNewState = 2 ;hovered
                If $aHoverBtn[$i][5] <> 1 Then $iNewState = 1 ;normal
        If $iNewState <> $aHoverBtn[$i][5] Then
            _GUICtrlPic_SetImage($aHoverBtn[$i][0], $aHoverBtn[$i][$iNewState], True)
            ;ConsoleWrite('Error: '&@error&' Button: '&$i&' aktiv: '& ($aInfo[4]= $aHoverBtn[$i][0])&' -> ' &$aHoverBtn[$i][5]&' '&$iNewState&@CRLF)
        $aHoverBtn[$i][5] = $iNewState
EndFunc   ;==>_GuiCtrlPic_CheckHoverDisabled

; Function Name:    _GuiCtrlPic_AnimButton($IDgui, $IDbtn [$sNormal = "", [$sHover = "", [$sPress = "", $iDelay=150]]]])
; Description:      animiert ein Pic, wie einen geklickten Button
; Parameter(s):     $IDgui      ID der GUI-
;                   $IDbtn      ID des Picture als Button
;                   $sNormal    Pfad zum angezeigten Bild des Buttons im nrmalen Zustand
;                   $sHover     Pfad zum angezeigten Bild des Buttons im Hover-Zustand
;                   $sPress     Pfad zum angezeigten Bild des Buttons im gedrückten Zustand
; Author:           BugFix _AnimButton
; modified:         autoBert => _GuiCtrlPic_AnimButton
;                   getestet mit
Func _GuiCtrlPic_AnimButton($IDgui, $IDbtn, $sNormal = "", $sHover = "", $sPress = "",$iDelay=150)
    ;ConsoleWrite($IDbtn & @TAB & $sNormal & @TAB & $sPress & @CRLF)
    Local $return, $x
    If $IDbtn = 0 Then Return
    Local $pos = ControlGetPos($IDgui, '', $IDbtn)
    ;Local $pWin = WinGetPos(GUICtrlGetHandle($IDbtn))
    If $sPress <> "" And FileExists($sPress) Then _GUICtrlPic_SetImage($IDbtn, $sPress)
    ControlMove($IDgui, '', $IDbtn, $pos[0], $pos[1] + 1, $pos[2] - 1, $pos[3] - 1)
    $return = 1
        $x = GUIGetCursorInfo($IDgui)
        If $x[4] <> $IDbtn Then
            If $sNormal <> "" And FileExists($sNormal) Then _GUICtrlPic_SetImage($IDbtn, $sNormal, True)
            return  0
    Until $x[2] = 0
    If $sHover <> "" And FileExists($sHover) Then _GUICtrlPic_SetImage($IDbtn, $sHover, True)
    ControlMove($IDgui, '', $IDbtn, $pos[0], $pos[1], $pos[2], $pos[3])
    ;ConsoleWrite($return & @CRLF)
    Return $return
EndFunc   ;==>_GuiCtrlPic_AnimButton

In ttps://autoit.de/index.php/Thread/24514-UDF-GUICtrlPic-Update-am-27-12-2010/?postID=667381#post667381 you find all what you need: the extended UDF and a example.

Search also in this and the german forum for threads from UEZ, he's a GDI-Guru.

Edited by AutoBert

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