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AutoIT TCP Protocol

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I'm trying to send in a scripting language AutoIT using the TCP Send to type Hex Socket data. I do this in the following way:

Global $oTCP = _Class_TCPClient($ip,$port) 

Previously, $ip and $port is entered manually. TCPStartup() is included in _Class_TCPClient. Class_TCPClient - constructor.


Local $string = _HexToString(0xBB01C8007F010140)
Local $ret = $oTCP.Send($string)

But it does not work.

When you preview frames using Wireshark data field looks quite different.

The target script which is communication protocol for device from company where I'm working.

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In this case Wireshark notes data:

02 42 39 43 37 33 36 42 39 45 33 32 44 33 31 32 37 46 34 32 30 30 39 42 03,



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