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Personal reddit news/tag convert from news/php script

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Hello, I wanted to create a personal reddit news tag for internal use and to become better with autoit.

I would really appreciate some other eyes on my pretty much search copy code I have found various places in the forums(I know its not clean or pretty, maybe you can help?)

What can I/We do to make it more simple and maybe faster, any help?

Also I'm having a problem deleting  lines that pretty much will become dynamic after each change log

The code

#include <INet.au3>
#include <String.au3>

;File Delete

;Get News feed exploded by php script
$version =_INetGetSource("http://wazer.dk/rod/csgo_version_changelog.php")

;Get csgo version number from API
$csversion =_INetGetSource("http://wazer.dk/rod/csgo_version.php")
$csversion = StringRegExpReplace($csversion,"^(\r\n)+|(\r\n)+$","") ; Remove blank lines at start or end of data

;Read Changelog Date between 'for' AND '</a>'
$aArray1 = _StringBetween($version, 'for', '</a>')

;Read Changelog LINK between "'<a href="' AND '">'
$aArray2 = _StringBetween($version, '<a href="', '">')

;Generate First Line with all the above variables
$first = ("Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update v." & $csversion & $aArray1[0] & @CRLF & @CRLF & "Via [CS:GO Blog:](" & $aArray2[0] & ")" & @CRLF & @CRLF)

;Generate File 1st line
FileWrite("c:\test.txt", $first)

;Search and Add different reddit tags(like bbcode)
$aSearch = StringSplit("[", ",", 2)
$aReplace = StringSplit("**[** ", ",", 2)
$sStr = $version
For $i = 0 To Ubound($aSearch) -1
    $sStr = StringReplace($sStr, $aSearch[$i], $aReplace[$i])

$bSearch = StringSplit("]", ",", 2)
$bReplace = StringSplit(" **]** ", ",", 2)
For $i = 0 To Ubound($bSearch) -1
    $sStr = StringReplace($sStr, $bSearch[$i], $bReplace[$i])

$cSearch = StringSplit("&#8211;", ",", 2)
$cReplace = StringSplit("* ", ",", 2)
For $i = 0 To Ubound($cSearch) -1
    $sStr = StringReplace($sStr, $cSearch[$i], $cReplace[$i])


;Clean up code output for different charecters, spaces and what not!
$sStr = StringRegExpReplace($sStr,"\n( |\t)+",@LF)                    ; Remove whitespace at the start of lines
$sStr = StringRegExpReplace($sStr,"(?s)<[^>]*?>",@CRLF)    ; Remove < and  > and all the text in between
$sStr = StringRegExpReplace($sStr,"(\r\n)+",@CRLF)                ; Remove blank lines in data
$sStr = StringRegExpReplace($sStr,"^(\r\n)+|(\r\n)+$","")            ; Remove blank lines at start or end of data

;Check console if its OK

;Generete Final output.
FileWrite("c:\test.txt", $sStr)


Todays output if we take the current changelog for CSGO news feed if we run the script as it is now.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update v.13506 10/8/2015

Via [CS:GO Blog:](http://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/2015/10/12739/)

Release Notes for 10/8/2015
8 Oct 2015   - 
**[**  GAMEPLAY  **]** 

*  Adjusted player flashbang reaction animation so the raised arm matches first-person blindness.

**[**  MISC  **]** 

*  Players will no longer get the default weapon in a loadout slot when the game server loses connection to the GC.

*  Bots no longer get stuck in a crab-walk after a rare failure during crouch-jump.

**[** MAPS **]** 


*  Fixed some areas where players could look through model backfaces

Now i would like to get line 6 and 8 totally deleted/whipped out.

Release Notes for 10/8/2015
8 Oct 2015   -


But the thing is they will change when a new changelog comes out.

So what can I do there?


Kindly regards.


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