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Connect to Wireless Network

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Hi, I'm trying to connect to a wireless network (with different authentication methods such as Microsoft PEAP, Microsoft EAP-TTLS, Cisco LEAP, etc.)

I have successfully created the network profiles.

What I'm really having problems right now is how to connect to these profiles.

I have tried the command line approach:

netsh wlan connect name="PROFILE-NAME"

but it only returns a 'Connection request was completed successfully' but doesn't connect whatsoever

And I also tried :


from the Native Wifi Functions from the forumbut unfortunately it doesn't try to connect also (no error codes were returned).

What I wanted to try was simulate the connect button from the native windows connection charms bar (windows 8.1) not sure what they really call this window (attached below)

but I don't know how or what approach/code it uses.

If there are any other approaches that I could use please enlighten me thanks!


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Hi thanks for the reply,

The profiles are created correctly I could connect to them manually via windows GUI (attached picture at the bottom) and get a proper response from the access point (like prompting for credentials) but when I connect through the command prompt via netsh there seems to be no response at all.

Which is why I was wondering if there was any way to code what the connect button does from the windows GUI

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i cant see the picture, i just want to make sure you do get past the prompting for credentials point and actually can fully connect.

anyway, untill i think of something make sure you elevate before trying the netsh commands and

also im curious what would happen if you

netsh wlan set profileparameter name=”ProfileName” connectionmode=manual

which disconnects in my pc then you

netsh wlan set profileparameter name=”ProfileName” connectionmode=auto


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