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About Date & Restriction Concept

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Hai guys,

im new here...

i want to asking  for concept / code for my private project.

i wanna build program that will count "1" to "5" & close/pause the program itself. after that it will make some restriction....

when im running it again (in the same day) it wont open, n just can open the program in other day

(if i want to cheat to change manually the day in my computer the program wont work too)

could someone teach me how its works (maybe) ?

Big thanks

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Take dates out of it, and no worries.

any example ?coz im newbie n wanna learn more...
so far that i write :
#include <Date.au3>


func RUNN()
consolewrite("hari brp ?"&@MDAY&@CRLF)
local $AAA = 1

While 1
   if $aaa <= 5 Then
      consolewrite("Number : "&$AAA &@CRLF)
      $AAA = $AAA + 1
      if $aaa >= 6 then Exit




Func Cek()
    If @MON = 11 and @MDAY = 13 Then     ; Advent event will run from December 1st to the 25th!
      MsgBox(2096 + 64, "MY LIMIT","THAT's MY LIMIT"&@CRLF)

but i think it need some external file that would check it if $aaa is 5 or no.

any advice?

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