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If $CmdLine[0]  > 0 Then
    If $CmdLine[1] = "/?" Then
        MsgBox(0,"Help", "example of command line params")

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SciTE for AutoItDirections for Submitting Standard UDFs


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Thanks for the quick response!

My program is called "Member_test.exe"

With you code, I would shell this command "Member_test.exe /?" to get the messagebox?

If so, it's not working for me.

Should do.. this is from one I used to copy one folder to another sending the 2 directories from the command line.

If $cmdline[0] = 2 Then
    $DirSearch = $cmdline[1]
    $Destination = $cmdline[2]
    StartCopy ($DirSearch,$Destination)
    MsgBox(0,'Invalid # of parameters!',$cmdline[0]&' is an Invalid number of parameters.')

so i would type DirCopy.exe D:\start D:\End

this would send the 2 folder names to the function startcopy()

I think I had issues when my program name was too long, try renaming your program to 8chr length name

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