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Click witout name or id?

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Hello, am triying to click a button without name or ID. i searched all threads and test all possibly codes triying to figure it out but nope. No one is working. I tryed several methods but with no results. Thanks in advanced to all.

This is the HTML of the button. 


<td><input type="submit" value="Login" class="classname">
                                                                    <a href="register.php" class="classname">Register</a>

and this is my code.


$oTDs = _IETagnameGetCollection($oIE, "TD")
For $oTD in $oTDs
    If String(_IEPropertyGet($oTD, "innertext")) = "Login " Then
        _IEAction($oTD, "focus")
        _IEAction($oTD, "click")

Thanks in advanced for the help and for your time, thanks in advanced.

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Hi, is the following working?

$oTDs = _IETagnameGetCollection($oIE, "input")
For $input in $oTDs
    If String($input.value) = "Login" Then
        _IEAction($input, "click")


I swear i used that one, but not work. And now? Now it working, lol really dont know. Thanks in advanced bro, and sorry my noob question. Good job

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