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Help With Colors

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WinActivate("Bluestacks App Player")

Func Buying_Players ($MConPlayerx, $MConPlayerY)
;Mouse click coordinate for coorosponding slots

MouseClick( "left" , $MConPlayerx, $MConPlayery)

;If the top of the screen is gray click "buy now"

if PixelGetColor (930, 150) = 0xECECEC Then 
;finds pixel color and runs it against the other color
   MouseClick( "Left", 715, 970); clicks buy now
   MouseClick( "Left", 955, 740,"", 25); hits ok on error message
   MouseClick( "Left", 715, 981,"", 25); clicks continue
   ;if there is no gray area item is not available to buy, move on to next item

Buying_Players(620, 950)
Buying_Players(6, 870)

When I run this code it doesn't run the if part only moves on to the next function, even though the if part is fulfilled. I have checked the color and i know that it is correct. Will someone help me please 

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@Rupp16, you are 3 and 0. 3 posts and 3 locked. Not to mention we do not allow multiple posting on the same subject here. Read the forum rules before posting again, or your tenure here with be short lived.

√-1 2^3 ∑ π, and it was delicious!

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