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_ArrayDeclareFromString, _ArrayToDeclarationString, _ArrayShuffleMultiDim, _ArrayCompare, _ArrayEnumValues, _ArrayAssign, ...

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Now, you can do the reverse, build the array from a string :

$array = _ArrayDeclareFromString('[[["Art"],["Painting",2,7],["Music",2,3],["Drama",3,4],["Dance",1,10]],[["Science"],["Maths",6,6],["Physics",5,1],["Chemistry",5,6],["Biology",5,6]],[["Sport"],["Football",12,8],["Golf",4,0],["Snooker",1,1],["Chess",10,0]]]')
$aEnum = _ArrayEnumValues($array) ; useful for arrays > 2 dimensions


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