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Script stopped working after IE 11 upgrade

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Hello all,

We use this script to automate some information collecting on our workstations. After upgrading from IE 9 to IE 11 on our machines, the following section of the script hangs up.


I am very inexperienced at programming, but I was tasked with resolving this issue unfortunately. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

edit: forgot to include the fact that it throws the Find Edit Elements ERR into the console as it hangs up.

Func encryption02()
    $hwindow = ""
    $pcondition1 = ""
    $pcondition2 = ""
    $plink = ""
    $olink = ""
    $pcondition = ""
    $ouielementarray = ""
    $puielementarray = ""
    $ielements = ""
    Local $hwindow = WinGetHandle("User Client")
    If Not $hwindow Then Return ConsoleWrite("Window handle ERR" & @CRLF)
    ConsoleWrite("Window handle OK" & @CRLF)
    Local $ouiautomation = ObjCreateInterface($sclsid_cuiautomation, $siid_iuiautomation, $dtagiuiautomation)
    If Not IsObj($ouiautomation) Then Return ConsoleWrite("UI Automation object ERR" & @CRLF)
    ConsoleWrite("UI Automation object OK" & @CRLF)
    Local $pwindow, $owindow
    $ouiautomation.elementfromhandle($hwindow, $pwindow)
    $owindow = ObjCreateInterface($pwindow, $siid_iuiautomationelement, $dtagiuiautomationelement)
    If Not IsObj($owindow) Then Return ConsoleWrite("Automation element from window ERR" & @CRLF)
    ConsoleWrite("Automation element from window OK" & @CRLF)
    Local $pcondition
    $ouiautomation.createpropertycondition($uia_controltypepropertyid, $uia_editcontroltypeid, $pcondition)
    If Not $pcondition Then Return ConsoleWrite("Property condition ERR" & @CRLF)
    ConsoleWrite("Property condition OK" & @CRLF)
    Local $puielementarray, $ouielementarray, $ielements
    $owindow.findall($treescope_descendants, $pcondition, $puielementarray)
    $ouielementarray = ObjCreateInterface($puielementarray, $siid_iuiautomationelementarray, $dtagiuiautomationelementarray)
    If Not $ielements Then Return ConsoleWrite("Find edit elements ERR" & @CRLF)
    ConsoleWrite("Find all edit elements OK. Elements: " & $ielements & @CRLF)
    Local $pedit, $oedit, $sname, $oproperedit
    For $i = 0 To $ielements - 1
        $ouielementarray.getelement($i, $pedit)
        $oedit = ObjCreateInterface($pedit, $siid_iuiautomationelement, $dtagiuiautomationelement)
        $oedit.getcurrentpropertyvalue($uia_namepropertyid, $sname)
        ConsoleWrite("Name of edit element " & $i & ": " & $sname & @CRLF)
        If StringInStr($sname, "Encrypting (") Then
            If StringInStr($sname, "Encrypting (80") Then
            MsgBox(0, $sesltitle01, "EXITING: Computer is still encrypting: " & $sname)


Edited by ascension
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