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Redirecting Stdout with 8-bit characters

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Here is script _m.au3:

Local $c = Chr(166)

When run via F5 in SciTE, the Output pane shows ¦cat¦

Here is _n.au3:

#include <AutoItConstants.au3>

Local $tracedFilspc = StringReplace( @ScriptFullPath,'_n.au3','_m.au3')
Local $logFilspc = StringReplace($tracedFilspc,'.au3','.log')

Local $nPID = Run('"'&@AutoItExe&'" "'&$tracedFilspc&'"','',@SW_HIDE,$STDOUT_CHILD)
Local $logFilspc = StringReplace($tracedFilspc,'.au3','.log')
Local $fd = -1
While True
    If $fd=-1 Then $fd = FileOpen($logFilspc,2) ; overwrite
    Local $rec = StdoutRead($nPID)
    If @error Then
    $fd = FileOpen($logFilspc,1)    ; append
If $fd<>-1 Then FileClose($fd)

(This code is more complicated than is needed here; the real code allows the user to stop the Run by pressing Esc.)

The log file contains ¦cat¦

Why the difference?

I have tried it with Chr(135). The results are ‡cat‡ and ‡cat‡ ; even weirder!


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