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I am working on a script.
This script operates on a program.
What happens if the program crashes? The script stops.
For this reason I have to work a secondary script out whose task is to check if the program runs.

The problem is, I need to add also a comand in the secondary script that restarts the primary script. How can I do it?

Thanks in advance

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6 hours ago, orbs said:

and why is that?


6 hours ago, ViciousXUSMC said:

While Loop + If ProcessExists()

Are your scripts compiled or being run as .au3?

The scripts run as .au3.

I have already put a ProcessExists() at each Case, but it does not always work. I need to always check if firefox.exe exists

Here an example of  the main script:

#include <ff.au3>


While @Hour < 16

Global $aURLS[6]
$aURLS[1] = "www.youtube.com" ; list of youtube, vimeo, etc videos
$aURLS[2] = "www.yahoo.com"
$aURLS[3] = "www.vimeo.com"
$aURLS[4] = "www.dailymotion.com"
$aURLS[5] = "www.twitch.tv"

$x = Random(1, 5, 1)

_FFTabAdd($aURLS[$x], True, True)

Sleep(5 * 1000) 

_FFTabClose("0", "index")

    Case $x = 1
        If Not ProcessExists("firefox.exe") Then _FFStart("www.youtube.com")

    Sleep(15 * 1000) 
   Case $x = 2
        If Not ProcessExists("firefox.exe") Then _FFStart("www.yahoo.com")

    Sleep(15 * 1000) 



I'll now try to explain myself a little better:

- The script is able to run thanks to ff.au3 UDFs

- The script must be as indipendent as possible

That is the reason why it is necessary to write on secondary scripts that are able to react if something happens, whenever it happens.

If Firefox crashes I get the following lines in the log:

__FFWaitForRepl ==> MozRepl Exception: !!! [Exception... "Failure"  nsresult: "0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE)"

_FFCmd ==> Error return value
.__FFSend ==> Error TCPSend / TCPRecv: TCPSend: try{FFau3.tmp=window.getBrowser().webProgress;FFau3.tmp.isLoadingDocument && FFau3.tmp.busyFlags ? false: true;}catch(e){'_FFCmd_Err';};

Even if Firefox restarts the error continues.

I thought I could solve using some _FFCmd input. Since I created a thread and nobody could help me, a better idea was born:

to write a secondary script to check if the firefox crash report appears, then restart not FF but the script itself

And here I am :)




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