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Help getting Ninite to close

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I've searched for an answer with this but can't seem to replicate the success of others. I have a script that calls on a Ninite exe but I have no idea how to close it to the script can progress to the next step. My solution so far has been to simply put it at the end.

I've looked into the /silent parameter for Ninite but to my understanding that's just for the Pro edition.

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    • By cramaboule
      There is a great tool called ninite (www.ninite.com)
      The only problem is that it is not really 'silent'
      So I wrote this little script to make it silent (like /S or /Silent or /quiet)
      Just rename the downloaded 'Ninite ....... exe' into 'Ninite.exe' and place it into the same folder as the Ninite-silent.exe (my AutoIt prg) Run it and that's it !
      Link to my au3 and zip files here
      Also available here
      EDIT: Change link website!
    • By cramaboule
      (almoast) Silent Ninite visite ninite.com
      Put the ninite.exe file into the same folder as the silent-ninite.exe.
      Run 'silent-ninite.exe' and 'See' the beauty!!! :-)
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