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Move mouse after idle time

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i've a problem with an old server. Every time it reboot wait in sleep mode.
Assistence, update bios, deactivate S3, power manage. Nothing work.

In this state machine wait for user input, then, reboot normally.

I've write this :

Global $i = 0;

HotKeySet('{ESC}', 'CloseMe');

TrayTip('To close:', 'Press ESC to stop', 30)

While 1

    $i = $i + 1;

    $s = Round(sin($i/5)*5);
    $c = Round(cos($i/5)*5);

    $m = MouseGetPos();

    MouseMove($m[0]-$s, $m[1]+$c, 0);

 Func CloseMe()

this move continuously mouse in circle.

I want to implement mouse movements only after 10 minutes if user input is not given.

Please, can you help me?


thank you,

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