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Changing Java destionation folder

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I have desktop application and i am trying to automate it. That application is written in Java and AutoIt does note recognize it. I had similar problem with the one program for automation(Automation Anywhere)but when i change Java folder source i did match to find elements and fields on that desktop application.
Is there any possible way to chane Java folder in AutoIT? For example now source folder is C:\Program Files (x86)\Java and i need to change it to another because that desktop application has specific folder just for that application.

thanks in advance :)

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I don't really understand what you want, but you can create a hardlink using FileCreateNTFSLink.

Also, the Java folder is defined in a environment variable called JAVA_HOME. You can set this value to the desired path and run the application (you can use EnvSet and run the app from your script).


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