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controlsettext not working


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Hello everybody,

I try to set same text in an edit box. Until last month everything's working fine. But after an update of this program I am editing (since 5 years), only 'controlgettext' is working. 'controlsettext' failed.

With other programs I don't have this problem. Only with one of them. I just tried same mouseclick simulations. I tried 'send' and every potential solution I find by google. Nothing is working to edit a single box. I can not reach the edit box for writing or getting focus. Only reading works fine.

Does anybody know these problem?

This is a workaround for my testings:

$get=ControlGetText("LupasRename - [C:\Windows\system32\]", "", "[CLASS:Edit; INSTANCE:2]")
if not ControlSetText("LupasRename - [C:\Windows\system32\]", "", "[CLASS:Edit; INSTANCE:2]", "edit") Then
MsgBox(16,"","not found")

For this program 'Lupas Rename' everthing is working. In another program only 'controlgettext' is working. 'controlsettext' don't.


Thanks a lot...

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Here is the solution:

Programs change policy statements and policy configurations when they habe been updated.

After these changings maybe you can only edit by script when you get full admin rights. 

For that you have to add

at the beginning of your code.

In my case it was the solution.

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