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strange postgresql mysql odbc connector problem

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hi  guy  , i have  a very strange problem , i  have  a pc  ,  with  win 7 64 bit , and  last installation of  autoit , i have installed a odbc connector , 1 for postgres and  1  for mysql  all version 64 bit (psqlodbc_09_05_0100-x64 -- and  -- mysql-connector-net-6.9.8.msi ),  i  use scite  for  create  script  , in this  script  i must  connect  first  in postgres and  after  in mysql ,  i write  a part for connect postgres  , and  work  good  ,

$objConn = ObjCreate("ADODB.Connection")
;   $objConn.Open('Dsn=PostgreSQL30;database='&GUICtrlRead ($odoo_Input8)&';server='&GUICtrlRead ($odoo_Input10)&';port='&GUICtrlRead ($odoo_Input9)&';uid='&GUICtrlRead ($odoo_Input7)&';pwd='&GUICtrlRead ($odoo_Input6))
    $rsCustomers = $objConn.Execute("SELECT * FROM res_partner")
    With $rsCustomers
        While Not .EOF
            ConsoleWrite(.Fields("City").Value & " - " & .Fields("Display_name").Value & @LF)

but when  i write  a part for mysql  not  work and  give me some  error .

I  just open a topic  for this  and  with help of mlipok we solved , but  the  solution of problem  is  run a  script  in 64 bit mode , i add at top   #AutoIt3Wrapper_UseX64=Y , and  run it  and  now not  work a  postgres connect, if remove  #AutoIt3Wrapper_UseX64=Y  postgres restart go and mysql  not 

someone have  idea for solution ???

thankz at  all 

P.S. this is  a topic problem of mysql , the  last script is correct 



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and where's the part for MyQQL?

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i  have  solved  i renstall a postgres connector  and  now  go correctly   :)

the part of  mysql  is  old topic

 thankz  AutoBert  for answer :)


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