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Read text from field that Window Info can't see

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Hello Forum!

I have discovered AutoIT today as I was looking for some automation of GUI tasks in Windows Server. My ultimate goal is to automate sessions logoffs in some manage of telnet session that exceed 8h connection time. I have manage to start application, enter credentials and connect to server. No I have list of sessions and Window Info is reporting it as Class: SysListView32, but nothing more. This list have some clickable fields that can be used to sort sessions. I'm interested in "Elapsed time" column which contains duration of connection. It seems that AutoIT can't "see" values in this column when I click specific record. Is there a way to somehow fetch this data and use it for comparision? I think I only need first digit as every value greater than 8 will be enough to tell AutoIT to kill this session.

Thank You for any clue or help!


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