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Automated login for programs

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Hello, I'm new to autoit and scripting...
I'm trying to make a script, so that when I start my computer, a program would launch (e.g. skype) and it would automatically fill the name and password and than login.
I found a lot of tutorials for web pages (where it's easy to get textbox and button ID), but none for a "normal" windows program.
So my question is, how do I get the textbox and the login button ID (for skype)? I tried to get the Window info, but I couldn't get the IDs.

I guess it would go something like:

Run(path to skype)
ControlSend (this is what I don't know) ; fill username
ControlSend() ; fill password
ControlClick(login) ; click login button

can someone please help me figure this out so I would be able to do this for programs like skype?

I found this:

but it doesn't help me and I don't know what Skype_X86.bat is...

Sorry for my english and thanks in advance...


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Hello Neverhood, welcome to the forum.

A quick search with Google, using "skype command line" brought up lots of results.

A quick look at one of them - http://superuser.com/questions/657700/skype-command-line-options

Shows several, with the following two mentioned further down the page.


Two I'm using to autologin combined with /secondary:

  • /username:[your user name]
  • /password:[your password]

Though unfortunately, they no longer appear to work with later versions of Skype.

A more official page is - https://support.skype.com/en/faq/FA171/can-i-run-skype-for-windows-desktop-from-the-command-line

It has been a while since I used Skype and looked at its settings, but I am fairly certain that it can automatically Login if you have that set. There may even be a Registry or INI file entry, that you can toggle with code, that will allow what you want. Weeks if not months, sometimes go by between my uses of Skype, and I am pretty sure I never need to Login, and I don't have Skype running in the background between uses.

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Thank you for reply, I managed to write the script with coordinates:


$SKYPE = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe"
WinMove("[CLASS:TLoginForm]", "", 0, 0)
MouseClick("", 263, 253, 2) 
MouseClick("", 292, 295, 1)
MouseClick("", 366, 353, 1) ;login

I probably didn't have to put so much "sleep" in the code....

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