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Check the 'data-reactid' of a tag

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<div class="decoration" data-reactid=".$=1$advanced-filter-availability.2.1.$short_term_dating.2">




I want to check to see if the the 'data-reactid' matches

Here's what I attempted to write up

If $AvailableLookingFor.data-reactid = ".$=1$advanced-filter-availability.2.1.$new_friends.2" And $AvailableLookingFor.classname = "decoration" And $AvailableLookingFor.innertext = "::after" Then
                    _IEAction($AvailableLookingFor, "click")

But I get an error saying...

"C:\Users\Dgameman1l\Desktop\Tessst.au3"(324,42) : error: reactid(): undefined function.
                If $AvailableLookingFor.data-reactid =


Any ideas?

Edited by Dgameman1

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I ended up finding the nearest ID and used a bunch of .nextElementSibling to get the job done :)

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