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How I can:

1. take list of variant

2. select one of the variant

from html code:

<ul class="carbon_airplanes"><li><input name="airplane" id="320" onchange="on_airplane_select();" type="radio" value="320"><label for="320">Airbus A320-100/200</label></li><li><input name="airplane" id="321" onchange="on_airplane_select();" type="radio" value="321"><label for="321">Airbus A321-100/200</label></li></ul>


I'll try this, but it not worked

Local $Inputs = _IETagNameGetCollection($oIE, 'ul')
    For $Input In $Inputs
        If $Input.classname == 'carbon_airplanes' Then
           _IEFormElementRadioSelect($Input, "321", "airplane", 1, "byValue", 1)
           _IEFormElementRadioSelect($Input, 1, "airplane", 1, "byIndex", 1)
           _IEFormElementRadioSelect($Input, 0, "airplane", 1, "byIndex", 1)


Then I try this, it's work, but I need take list...

$byid = _IEGetObjById ($oIE, "320")
_IEAction($byid, 'click')


p.s. sorry for my English(

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