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[Solved] Doubt about GUICtrlCreatePic

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If I use this command:

Global $idLogoConect  = GUICtrlCreatePic("vetor.gif", 60, 5, 291, 96)

I have to have the pic on the same folder of the .exe. How can I use the image when I compile the .exe? Do I need to always have the image on the same folder of the .exe? Is there a way to compile the image together so I don't need the .gif file to show it?


Actually, it's simple, the command I needed was: FileInstall

FileInstall("vetor.gif", @TempDir & "\vetor.gif", 1)
Global $idLogoConect  = GUICtrlCreatePic(@TempDir & "\vetor.gif", 60, 5, 291, 96)


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