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Philip Bennefall

Numbers to words

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Philip Bennefall

Hello everyone.

I have come across a problem that I would really need some help with. Basically, I am programming an audio based game, and I want to add in a function to speak the current score that the user has, with pre recorded wave files for each number. What I need is a function that will convert a number to it's equivalent in the English language, so for example, if I pass 341 to the function, it would return Three Hundred Forty One. I have been trying and trying to make a such script, but I find it really complex, because it needs to go all the way up to 9 digits, that is to say, it needs to be able to return any number between 0 and 999999999. If anyone would be willing to write a such script for me, I'd be really glad. I'd even be willing to pay for it if that is so. Please send me an email instead of replying here in the forum. My address is:



Philip Bennefall

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what about something like this...

Dim $voice = ObjCreate("Sapi.SpVoice")

Speak($cmdLine[1], 1, 100)

Func Speak($Text, $Rate, $Vol)

$voice.Rate = $Rate

$voice.Volume = $Vol

$voice.Speak ($Text)

EndFunc ;==>Speak

So long,


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