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TTS script using google Translator

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Hey Guys

For a Project of mine I want the nice lady from google translator to read out short text passages for me (just a few words). For a previous project I used this UDF. Now google has changed some things and it's not working anymore. So I googled for a solution and got it sort of running again. The problem I have though is, it only works when I run it the first time. After that it is just mute. When I type in the link manually however it still works. Can anyone help me?

Func _Say($parText,$parLanguage)
        $UDF_SPEAK_baseurl = "https://translate.google.com/translate_tts?ie=UTF-8&q="&_INetExplorerCapable($parText)&"&tl="&$parLanguage&"-TW&client=tw-obt"
        $UDF_SPEAK_filename = "txt2spch.mp3"
        FileDelete( @TempDir & "\" & $UDF_SPEAK_filename)
        InetGet( $UDF_SPEAK_baseurl, @TempDir & "\" & $UDF_SPEAK_filename, 1 )
        If @error Then
            SoundPlay("something") ;tmp replace "something" with error sound
            $UDF_SPEAK_file = @TempDir & "\" & $UDF_SPEAK_filename
            $UDF_SPEAK_sound = _SoundOpen( $UDF_SPEAK_file )
            _SoundPlay($UDF_SPEAK_sound, 1)


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