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_FTP_ProgressDownload sloooowwww.....

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Just started with AutoIT (and programming, really) 3 days ago, so bear with me ^_^

I'm using _FTP_ProgressDownload to update a progressbar on a GUI, but the download is SOO MUCH slower than using _FTP_FileGet (10x? at least).

_FTP_ProgressDownload ($iConn, $tempDownloadDir & $Filename, $Filename, UpdateGUIProgressBar)

Func UpdateGUIProgressBar($iPercent)
    GUICtrlSetData($FTP_GUI_Status, $iPercent)
    Switch GUIGetMsg()
        Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
            Exit -1 ; _FTP_DownloadProgress Aborts with -1, so you can exit your app afterwards
        Case $btn_FTP_GUI_Exit
            Exit -2 ; Just Cancel, without special Return value
    Return 1 ; Otherwise continue Download


If _FTP_FileGet ($iConn, $Filename, $tempDownloadDir & $Filename)

... but that does not give me a progress bar or the ability to cancel the download.

Any thoughts or pointers to snippets?

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Yes, the file is splitted. So more DLL-Calls are needed.

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