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Repeating script using a value in an array

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So I have no knowledge of how to script in autoIT. Was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of creating a script based on the following. It needs to increment by 1 each time the key value iterates. The key presses should occur after the designated reference time(int), determined by the value of key presses(i) that have occurred.

int=0.60 ;time between initial key presses
for i in {1..100000} do
    keydown x
    sleep 0.05
    keyup x

    if i==20 then
        int=0.455 ; time of iteration after 20 key presses
    ElseIf i==50 then
        int=0.392 ; time of iteration after 50 key presses
    ElseIf i==100 then
        int=0.350 ; time of iteration after 100 key presses
    ElseIf i==200 then
        int=0.3065 ; time of iteration after 200 key presses
    ElseIf i==300 then
        int=0.320 ; time of iteration after 300 key presses
    sleep $int


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Hi InunoTaishou,

Thanks for the links! I made some adjustments to reflect the correct syntax, but am unsure of how they all fit together.

Dim $int = 0.60 ;time between inital key presses
Dim $i = 1

   While $i <= 1001 
    Send("{x down}")
    Sleep 0.05
    Send("{x up}")
    $i += 1

Func jump()
    If $i = 20 then
        $int = 0.455 ; time of key press after 20 key presses
    ElseIf $i = 50 then
        $int = 0.392 ; time of key press after 50 key presses
    ElseIf $i = 100 then
        $int = 0.350 ; time of key press after 100 key presses
    ElseIf $i = 200 then
        $int = 0.3065 ; time of key press after 200 key presses
    ElseIf $i = 300 then
        $int = 0.320 ; time of key press after 300 key presses
    ElseIf $i = 10001


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Couple of thoughts.   1.  Dim is bad,  use local or global instead.  

2. Any function such as sleep always has parentheses at the end of the name. "Sleep ($arg)" 

3.  You have no function call.  Jump () will never run in your script.

4.  It looks like your using math to determine time ?  Use TimerInit () and TimerDiff () instead

5.  Sleep (1)=1ms so a fraction of this is essentially nothing.   1ms is basically nothing.

O and I like how you used $int for a floating point number.  Not really a big deal but not the best of habits.

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Hi Marky, 

I am trying to count the number of times x is pressed and increment it by one. While applying a delay based off int variable. When the number of key presses of x reaches a certain number, the time between key presses changes based off int.

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