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Sort txt file line by line

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How can I sort a file like this in to a line by line .txt file?

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Like this:

Local $sContent = "http://www.****.com/123.php?id=5|http://www.***.com/services/123.php?id=16|http://www.123.com/questions/q.php?id=5|http://123.com/researcher/view_group.php?id=995|http://www.123.com/en/contest/|http://www.123.com/club/123.php?id=77|"
Local $NewContent, $aArray = StringSplit($sContent, "|")
For $i = 1 To UBound($aArray) - 1
    $NewContent &= $aArray[$i] & @CRLF
FileWrite(@ScriptDir & "\textfile.txt", $NewContent)


Edited by Trong
$i = 0 => $i = 1


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assuming the OP does not mean to "sort" (as in alphabetical order or some other order), then

$sNewContent = StringReplace($sContent, '|', @CRLF)


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