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serial port - reading bytes with value=0

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How can I read a byte with valule=0 that comes from serial ?       I´m using:  $comRs232 = ObjCreate("NETCommOCX.NETComm")   and  $comRs232.inputData

Local $a[8]
while 1
    If $comRs232.InBufferCount > 7 Then
        $X= $comRs232.InBufferCount
        $Z= StringToASCIIArray($comRs232.inputData,0,$X,1)
        MsgBox(4096,$X,StringLen($Z) &@cr& $Z)
        For $J= 0 To 7
            $a[$J]= chr(StringMid($Y,$J+1,1))

Seems to me that the problem is that $comRs232.inputData is already a string for AU3, and so when there is a byte=0, it stops reading the string. No matter what I put arround $coRs232.inputData, AU3 don´t goes further the byte=0.

I already tried     binary ,    bynaryToSring  and it´s variants, combinations betwen bynaryxxx and stringToASCxxx and vice versa,

Could DLLxxx be useful in this case? At the end the desirable result would be $a[0]= 1st byte, .... $a[6]= 7th byte (all as a number (integer, from 0 - 255).  If I have to use other dlls or onother way to communicate with serial port, OK too (send and receive).

Today my only problem is when a byte value 0 arrives. All the other values (1..255) are OK.

Thanks in advance



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