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readr/write array ... (please, delete, wrong place)

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oops, sorry, wrong place. Someone can dele it for me, please?

Hi Martin

I know that you udf/dll has  _CommReadByteArray($pAddr,$iNum,$iWait).

Bytes sent or received can have value = 0 ?

My application is a loop all time checking if something arrived at serial port (it can´t stay waiting, as it must do other things).

When some bytes arrives, it goes getting the bytes and mounting the messages in an array.

At each 5 seconds arrives about 5K bytes, at 19.200 bauds. They arrive in a bunch at the beginning of each 5 seconds period (about 2.5 seconds receiving).

Do you have a very simple example on how to use  _CommReadByteArray and  _CommSendByteArray

Best Regards


see also: https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/182549-serial-port-reading-bytes-with-value0/



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