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Execution time different between MouseMove loop iterations.

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Here's an example script: 

While 1
    $timer = TimerInit()
    MouseMove(20, 110)
    MouseMove(970, 270)
    MouseMove(640, 755)
    MouseMove(650, 550)
ConsoleWrite("TIME: " & @TAB & TimerDiff($timer) & @CRLF)

It shows different times for each iteration, the difference is miliseconds but it is only an example. In the bigger script I'm writing this difference grows to over 100ms. I tried the same with Control Clicks, and the difference almost dissapears, so I guess it is some unwated MouseMove delay that's beyond my control? Or is there a way to control it and make it work at steady speed?

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Originally no, but after adding 10 as speed to the above script, the difference is still there:

TIME:     3277.6767193562
TIME:     3290.17876390722
TIME:     3291.32816087588
TIME:     3287.45874113144
TIME:     3288.21086216065
TIME:     3290.16370779927
TIME:     3287.9538817726

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Did you try 0?
Either way, whatever you do it won't be exact and wondering what is so critical that this is required?


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Speed 0 doesn´t make a difference. 

And the reason (critical or not) is that it's a part of a stress test script, with parameters like frequency. This script will possibly run for days/weeks, and I wanted to make sure that it is executed with the exact frequency supplied as a parameter. 

I guess I can work around that with some extra sleep-timer arithmetics, accepting set constant value as an execution time, and then sleeping the difference between that value and each iteration time. I'll work on that.

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